Increased Business by 51%

“Ashley has been a lifesaver for my business. For a long time I told myself that being a relatively new business, I could not afford an assistant. What I learned after doing my taxes this year however was that hiring Ashley actually increased my profitability…a lot! In the 9 months Ashley’s been assisting me, the profitability of my business has increased 51%. That’s in great part because Ashley has freed me up to do the work I’m meant to do…while she takes care of the back end details.

Ashley took two years of accounting records, client lists and general data and organized it all into formats that made the information useful and readily accessible. She has been my second set of eyes, saving me money by finding times when I’ve been inappropriately or double-billed. She has set up invoicing programs and handled client billing. She has saved me HUGE amounts of time by doing research for me on various website plug-ins and business support tools, providing me with summaries and recommendations so that I could make good (and quick) decisions. She has managed updating my website, blog and social media…at times, even writing the content for me. She assists me in sending out newsletters and keeping my Mailchimp lists organized.

Most importantly, when my personal life hit some snags at the beginning of this year, including a breast cancer diagnoses, Ashley stepped up to take care of my business details so I could take care of me.  I trust Ashley implicitly and I know she has my back. Being a solopreneur, that is gold.

I hear many others talk of working with virtual assistants however no one has ever described their experience the way I describe my experience with Ashley. She has been a true lifesaver.”

– Ann Hoffman-Ruffner, Wayfinding Women, LLC


Keeping My Head Above Water

“I started my own marketing consulting business in 2012 and literally watched my entrepreneur dream come to life. However, by the spring of 2014, I was living and breathing my business 24/7.  It had grown, and that’s great, but in order to keep this momentum, I needed help. I needed someone I could trust with my client projects. Someone who could learn my business quickly and take some of this work off of me. 

That’s when I met Ashley. I taught her pieces of my business and passed them off to her so that I could focus on my clients and their needs. Ashley took over my bookkeeping like invoicing and expenses, did research for me for various clients, and made sure the blog writing and social media posting for MY business (and not just clients) actually got done.  

As a Type-A person, it’s hard for me to give control over to someone…especially when it comes to my business. But Ashley made it easy for me to delegate tasks to her. I trust her with my business and am grateful to have the helping hand!”

– Karen Hoch, MarketBlue Consulting, LLC

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