You know how sometimes you end up on a path you never thought you would, but looking back it makes perfect sense?

Helping others has always driven my choices, and it's shaped my journey to virtual journey to you!

After graduating from High Point University with a B.S. in Mathematics  (yes, I LOVE numbers) and Secondary Education Certification, I taught high school math for several years. I wanted to help students learn, help parents know how to be involved, and help colleagues with effective methods.

With the birth of my second child, I was ready for a change. I wanted more flexibility and more freedom to learn new career fields. Like you, I wanted to run my own business.

So, I left teaching and began working as a virtual assistant.  Again, I wanted to help others by taking the burden off of them. My job is to learn what you do, take tasks off of your plate, and free you up to do your business. I've had clients in a variety of fields such as: marketing consultant, life coach, travel planners, animal trainer, family therapist, and more. Working with a variety of professionals has given me a unique and versatile skill set, so I truly can adapt to whatever YOU need.

You can learn more about what I do and how I benefit you here.