5 Time Saving Tips for Small Business Owners

When you launched your business, you knew you’d be busy. You knew you’d be investing more than just money…you’d be investing a lot of time. But that’s okay, right? Because it’ll pay off one day! However, you’re stretched to your max and honestly, you’d love a little freedom when it comes to your time.

Does this sound familiar? Yep…I get it. It’s time to take the weight of the world off of your shoulders. I mean, your name isn’t Atlas, right? In an effort to help restore your sanity (or at least a little piece of it), here are some of my favorite tried and true methods to add a little time back into your business day.

time saving tips

5 Ways to Save Time on Your Business

1. Automation.  Anything that you can automate, do it! It will take a lot of pressure off of you. Start with social media posts. While organic posts get great engagement (and you should definitely post organically too), consider using a social media scheduling tool for sharing consistent content. A couple favorite scheduling tools are Buffer and Hootsuite. Buffer is a little cheaper, but Hootsuite covers more social media channel options and allows you to add live feeds.

Another great tool to automate your business is a scheduling tool like Calendly.  You select your availability and then post or email your Calendly link for clients to select times to chat, meet, etc with you. It removes the back and forth about which days and times you both are free. Plus, Calendly sends reminders of calls and appointments.

2. Focus Your Tasks. I read a study recently that said to stop multi-tasking. Wait…what? I had spent my entire life proud of my ability to multi-task. What I realized is that sometimes in multi-tasking, I was only giving 50% of me to 100% of my projects.

Instead of hopping around from task to task, batch similar tasks together and focus your efforts onto one type at a time. Rather than answering emails throughout the day, set aside specific time frames to do so. Work on social media posts at one time instead of different channels throughout the day. Make all of your phone calls at one time. Grouping tasks and focusing on one type at a time will make you more productive and ultimately, save you time.

3. Schedule Your Time. One of the perks of running your own business is being your own boss. But sometimes, not having a boss to keep us accountable can be a challenge in itself. How many times have you wasted time thinking about all of the things you need to do rather than actually doing the things you needed to do?

To save time, at the end of each week set up your schedule for the following week. Block out specific time chunks for client work, meetings, phone calls, and yes, even breaks. Having your work day planned out will allow you to easily move from one task to the next without worrying about what to tackle next. It also helps you stay focused like mentioned earlier.

By the way, consider scheduling your most important tasks earlier in the day. You’ll have more energy earlier in the day to tackle those big jobs than if you put them off for the afternoon. It’ll also free your mind by knowing the major things are done!

4. Use a Project Management Database. Many small businesses have starting enjoying the organization and time saving results of using a project management database like Asana or Basecamp. With sites like these, it’s easy to keep all of your projects, deadlines, and employee communications in the same place.

These tools allow you to share and edit projects, and you’ll be able to organize projects for easy access from anywhere. No more hunting for various files or email threads. These project management databases are easy to get started and fairly user intuitive. You and your team will get real time updates on projects and communication, keeping you out of your email inbox and away from distractions.

5. Delegate. Successful people delegate. 

“Deciding what not to do is as important as deciding what to do.” 

– Jessica Jackley, Entrepreneur

I know your business is your baby. You’ve poured your time, heart, money, sweat, and more into it. But you can’t always do it all…at least not if you want to enjoy your success. Find people who can handle tasks and projects for you. Find someone who might even be better than you at some of your tasks. And then let them do it. It’s okay to let go. That’s where time freedom really takes off!

My hope for you is more time and more freedom in your business. It’s a treasured four letter word, and I want to give it back to you. To see how I can help save you time, contact me.


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