10 Truths About #Mompreneurs

It’s no secret moms can perform astounding juggling acts that could shame any circus performer. Our jobs (yes, plural) are never ending and we wear more hats than our kids can count to!

While women of all life/job backgrounds are capable of amazing feats, there are some tell-tale signs of a unique group of moms – mompreneurs. A mompreneur is a stay at home mom who also runs her own small business. She’s a multi-tasking business woman who simultaneously works her favorite job – motherhood.

10 Truths About Mompreneurs

  1. You schedule calls around your kids’ school drop-off and pick-up times.

Other entrepreneurs might get phone calls out of the way while driving; After all, it’s simply multi-tasking, right? But for the mompreneur, the car is not your place for a business call. Between screaming kids and nursery rhyme CD’s, it’s a car of chaos (fun chaos). So, you’re calendar is blocked off in thirty minute chunks for every morning drop off and every afternoon pick-up. Besides, while you’d love to share that report with your client, your favorite report is the one from your kid about his/her day at school.

2. You’ve locked your office door during a phone call to keep your kids out.

Thank you, Linus Yale, for inventing the door lock. You’ve protected many mompreneurs from losing her junk on one of her kids while helping her save face with a client. We can handle the lack of privacy our kids give us while using the restroom. We cannot and will not deal with the interruptions while speaking to our valued clients.

3. You’ve video conferenced with a wardrobe split-personality.

Let’s just talk about yoga pants for a second. No, I don’t have to be heading to a yoga class to put on these heavenly wardrobe staples. Elastic waist and no buttons? Yes please! While the ‘gym look’ is your go-to style most weekdays, video conferences for work require you to up your game. That’s why you switch out your t-shirt for a classy blouse and professional blazer. That’s all they can see from the monitor, right? Yoga pants can stay as long as you don’t stand up 🙂 Please don’t forget to put a bra on too!

4. Your peak hours of productivity align with preschool hours and nap times.

Thank heavens for school! Blessed teachers who actually want to watch my kid! Mompreneurs miss you teachers during the summer and holidays. Yes, you deserve the break, but we REALLY miss you during those times. If you were to track the productivity of a mompreneur, you’d find she can pump out projects left and right during morning preschool hours and afternoon nap times (it just so happens I’m writing this during my three-year-old’s glorious nap time). No surprise here. If we’re masters at completing tasks while simultaneously keeping our kids from destroying our homes and themselves, then we’re faster than a speeding bullet at work if there’s no one around to monitor.

5. You have an uncanny ability to tune out noise.

Unless it’s a cry of distress (not the one that means “my sister is aggravating me”) signaling a real crisis, you can tune out pretty much anything. Sibling fights? Don’t care…work it out. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Hot Dog Song? Never even heard it. Voices, music, tv shows, stomping, running, dog barking, kid screaming, yelling…doesn’t matter – doesn’t phase you, mompreneur. You have built in, God-given ear buds that can filter out unnecessary distractions.

6. Chick-Fil-A is your favorite office location.

Free wifi and free play-place alongside the best chicken sandwich ever? And don’t even get me started on those celebrated waffle fries and gift-from-above Chick-Fil-A sauce (stop reading now if you’re not a CFA fan…you’re not my people…kidding…kinda). Mompreneurs grab the corner booth and dive straight into work while their little minions are thoroughly entertained in the play-place. Perfect solution during school holiday and summer breaks. If you see her working, leave her alone. (Unless you’re bringing a lemonade refill.)

7. Showers usually happen late at night (if at all).

Let’s be honest, of all the tasks a mompreneur must complete in her 24 hour day, a shower isn’t top priority. If you’re judging right now, you aren’t a mompreneur. Kids have to be fed, kids have to be bathed, and client work must be completed (bill-able hours make the dough flow). All of which can be done without momma showering. Besides, showering at night is my favorite way to relax and “wash” away the stress of the day. The kids are in bed and there’s no one to disturb me. Plus, the hubby thinks I smell pretty when I get out 🙂

8. You know exactly how to maximize pockets of various time.

Mompreneurs know their schedule in and out – to a T! They diligently keep detailed to-do lists and calendars. They know every 5-10 minute, 30 minute, and hour long chunk in their schedule. And they also know exactly what can be crammed into that time frame. Only have 2 minutes? Better start a load of laundry or send an email. Got a half hour before your next PTO meeting? Girl, you can run backups and updates on some client websites! Mompreneurs have zero time for breaks, so there’s always something she can cross off of her list (because two more will be added to it before she does).

9. Sick days are still work days.

Sick days are not an option for mompreneurs. Whether it’s you or your kid, you have no time to stop for germs. That’s why we’ve mastered the skill of typing one handed. If you’re precious little one is sick, he can sleep in one arm, while you work with the other. Shoot, if needed, I can use a speak to text app (of course, I have to correct the grammar from my southern accent). We carried them in utero while working, so now we just carry them in one arm while finishing a task. Bonus: nothing like a sleeping angel to keep you from throwing your computer across the room when you get frustrated with a client…totally hypothetical ;-).

10. You get the best of both worlds – mom AND career!

No guilt of leaving our babies to chase our career dreams and no wondering what goals we could’ve accomplished if we were working. Why? Because we get to do both! Mompreneurs make their own schedule, so we’re flexible and available to tend to our kids’ needs each day while also feeling like a total boss in our career field. Stay at home mom. Entrepreneur. We get to live them both – and we love every second of the crazy mompreneur life!


Other mompreneurs, what would you add to the list?

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