Refocus Your Energy

Quit worrying about keeping up with your behind the scenes tasks...that's my job. Get back to your clients and I'll handle your business tasks.

Grow Your Business

When you have more time for your customers, your business will grow. Let me take the weight off of your shoulders.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant

As a virtual assistant, I learn your business and take tasks off of your to-do list and put them on mine. We work together to pinpoint areas of your business that take up too much of your time, areas that are not your expertise, and areas that you can delegate to someone else. Thus freeing you up to do the things YOU do best!

No need to add office space, as a virtual assistant we only need a phone and computer to connect. Wider Horizons is based in North Carolina but services small businesses across the nation in Ohio, Michigan, California, and more.


Time For Freedom

In our first complimentary consultation call, we will discuss your business, ways I can help your business run more efficiently, and a variety of tasks that you can pass off to me.

A Few Businesses We Proudly Service:

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